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Strategy. Creative. Brilliant.

DPK Creative designs and develops brilliant strategy & creative to connect your organization’s best & brightest attributes to your audience’s greatest needs.
“[DPK Creative] brings a lot of value to the table – not only for design but also as great thought partners. They have helped us to refine our marketing messaging for maximum impact.

They have taken the time to really understand our brand and style; this allows them to create work that’s truly aligned with where we want to go as a company.”

—Tim Hickey, Vice President
Quality Training Systems

About DPK Creative

After years of solo work in creative fields, we each came to a powerful conviction:

I can not do my best work alone.
We will always be better than me.

We work to create something greater than the sum of each individual’s efforts: Real creative collaboration.

Hannah Dormeier

Partner | Creative

Jeremy Pettitt

Partner | Strategy

Karen Kauffman

Partner | Creative

The Path to Brilliant

We utilize an effective four-step process to make the most of your budget and time:


We ask the right questions & listen to understand your needs & goals.


We craft proposals & blueprints to meet your needs & goals.


We build out the projects & designs based on clearly defined plans.


We send the projects to you on time & within budget.

The Work

What We Do

At DPK Creative, we bring years of experience working on a wide array of projects, from multimedia curriculum & campaigns, to live interactive game design, to national field tests. We excel at fresh creative challenges and are best known for our work in the following areas:


Organizational Media Strategies
Organizational Media Tactics & Process Planning
Marketing / Communication Campaigns
Marketing / Communication Media Strategies
Organizational Strategy & Structure Design
Group/Team Dynamics
Strategic Ideation & Innovation


Creative Direction
Branding / Logo Design
Marketing / Communication Campaigns & Collateral
Reports, Slide Decks & Infographic Design
Event / Experience Design
Website Design & Maintenance

Let’s Get Started

Our commitment to brilliant strategy and creative are lived out in our values. We work faithfully to captivate your audience with brilliant storytelling, elevate the human experience and connect your audience with what is uniquely good about you.